Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is it too much to ask?

So, I have been getting involved with the music program at Charlie's school and I am now the volunteer assistant choir director on Tuesday afternoons. This has been great for me and I love using this part of me again as well as getting to know a great bunch of kids. This also led to me being a judge for the school talent show, which brings me to the point of this post.
Holy cow! Have we really gotten to a point in our lives where we don't understand that someone on stage deserves respect and the FULL attention of an audience? The adults running the show have enough to do than also ask your children to sit still, be quiet, stop pushing, stop laughing, stop eating candy and anything else that is possibly distracting to the person on stage. What bothers me most, is the parents that are oblivious to their children's behavior, or worse, don't care, or even worse, don't realize it's wrong. Why aren't we teaching kids that you sit still and respect the artists?
The absolute worst part of this are the adults that get up, use the restroom, get on their phones, check scores, check email and TALK during these performances. NO WONDER YOUR CHILDREN HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO ACT!
In this age of immediate information, low attention spans and complete lack of etiquette, I hope that my generation of parents may see that we are doing this world and especially our kids a disservice by not teaching them how to be a respectful, cooperative, meaningful part of society. I hate to think what the world will be like if we don't get back to worrying about these little things. It all adds up.

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