Monday, April 26, 2010

Charlie's BIrthday Pics

Charlie loves his Grandmas!

Hanging with the Grandpas

We visited Bob at work on Charlie's birthday. Bob took the afternoon off to spend it with Charlie. Unfortunately, a high fever came on and we canceled our plans.

Helping Dad crunch some numbers

He already has the "Seriously, Mom?" look down. I appreciated him humoring me with his birthday hat.
Charlie's picture was on the morning news!

One of his birthday shirts...I know we are terrible!

Love how he is looking at me. He loved his cake!

Trying to get a pic in the hat at his party.

Opening presents

With Daddy, still eating cake

This stuff is good, but I can't quite figure it out.

with Uncle Pat and Kate

His adorable cake. It looks like his invitation!

With Aunt Traci and Uncle Mike

Mom and Gigi

Charlie's cousins Madi and Mac


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