Thursday, March 25, 2010

11 Months, St. Pattys and The Race...

Hello again. Okay, so maybe a monthly update is the most reasonable thing to promise. This month has FLOWN! It started off with a stomach bug that knocked Charlie and Bob out of commission for a few days only to be followed by tooth #2 cutting through. I know I bragged about Charlie being a trooper with tooth #1, but tooth 2 got him good! We had lots of Mommy and Charlie time in the middle of the night. Between the sickness and the teething I was a zombie for awhile. We also got to celebrate Bob's favorite holiday, St. Patrick's day. Our good friend, Joe Mazzeffi, hosts a breakfast the morning of the parade and it was fun to dress Charlie up and take him over for the festivities ( I forgot to get a picture of him in his full green get up). Bob and I got a babysitter for the afternoon and headed to a local pub with friends to continue the celebrating. It's just nice to get out and remember how much fun you have together as a couple and not just as parents.
The following weekend was the Shamrock Shuffle 8K (5 miles). I DID IT!!!!! Slowly, but I did it. My goal was to come in under an hour and I finished in 55 minutes and 51 seconds. I have never run that far without taking a break to walk. Joe Mazzeffi was my running partner and he and I kept each other going. It makes me excited for the next race. I had a blast. The course took you through downtown Chicago and it was such a different and interesting way to see downtown. Almost 30,000 people ran this race so the crowd in front and behind was very motivating as well. Bob finished the race in 32 minutes and 21 seconds. GEEZ! I wish he could be a little faster...ha ha...You will notice he is not in any of the race photos. He takes it a lot more seriously and he had already gone to the starting line when the slow pokes were just hanging around taking pictures, freezing our butts off.
All in all it was a great month. I can't believe that 1 week from today Charlie is 1 year!!!! This has been the quickest year of my life and yet the most fulfilling. We have a great party planned for him and many friends and family will be here to celebrate. He is getting so big. Still has no desire to crawl and has yet to even attempt. He has scooted a little, but he prefers to be on his feet. He is so close to walking. He took a few steps by himself and the shopping cart walker that we have. His balance is not quite there yet and he doesn't stand on his own long enough to test it because falling backwards and having someone catch him is just too much fun! My son is about as boy as they come. I have a feeling in a few weeks I will report that he has taken his first steps.
I am doing well. I am 2 lbs away from my goal. The diet has been easier than I thought. It really helps reminding myself that I made sacrifices for Lent rather than just being on a diet. I have cheated. In fact, 4 times. I am working out much more regularly and we bought a jogging stroller so Charlie and I can go for runs together in addition to our trips to the gym or my videos at home.
The next few weeks will be very exciting. We are awaiting the arrival of my new nephew, Easton. He is due May 3rd, but he has plans of his own and is making everyone aware that he wants to join us sooner. My brother and his wife have been going through a lot to make sure he stays as long as possible. The goal is to get him to April 6th, which will be 36 weeks. Please pray that he stays put til then and that he arrives, healthy and happy! Bob and I leave for Spain on April 7th. We are unbelievably excited about our trip. So, my next post will be full of birthday fun, a new nephew and an amazing trip.
Hope you are all doing great! Enjoy the pics below.

He looks so old to me in this pic. Time flies...

Ever since we cut teeth, he LOVES his paci

He loves to sing (or try to eat) the microphone on his jammin band. I really need to teach him correct technique

We are getting really good at feeding ourselves. Since our teeth didn't arrive until 10 1/2 months we started finger foods a little late and very slowly.

Just hanging

St. Patrick's Day trying to eat the Shamrocks, which meant green glitter in the mouth. Not my best mothering moment...

So, I let him eat the remote

Another hat for St. Patrick's Day

Starting line of the Shamrock Shuffle

Just a section of the crowd of runners

Our friends that ran with us

Me and Vic

Joe, Sergio and Me. IT WAS SOOOO COLD!!

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