Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow my goodness!

Hope you enjoy these pics! I had a great time taking Charlie out into the snow!

The past two days Chicago received about a 8-12 inches of snow. Last year, we got a ton of snow but it came in smaller amounts that just piled on top of each other. This is the most snow I have EVER seen fall in one day. It was so cool to watch it blowing around and covering everything with a beautiful white layer. Today, starts the beauty turning into gray sludge.

The last decent snow we had, I didn't take Charlie out and get pictures so I made sure to do this this morning. He was hilarious! He really didn't know what to do and was so bundled he couldn't move if he had wanted to. Plus, the guy shoveling our back drive was much more interesting at times than mom and the camera.

All of this snow just reminds me that I am a Southerner. I just watched it fall and fall yesterday wondering why there were so many people out and about. The Trader Joe's across from our condo was never without a full parking lot, Lincoln Avenue was as busy as it ever was, buses and trains were right on schedule. I am not used to snow not shutting down the world and people crazily rushing to stock up on milk, bread and eggs. No one skips a beat. I am definitely getting more and more used to the weather, but it still takes so much for me to want to get out.
I can't wait to be in Atlanta this weekend to have a small break from the bitter cold. There was even an earthquake last night, but we didn't feel it. Bob's brother lives 4 blocks from us and he felt it. Luckily, it was small and there is no damage anywhere.
Hope all is well. Happy Valentines Day!!!

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