Thursday, February 4, 2010

Off track....

Good evening everyone!
First thing first, we checked Charlie's kidney today and it is considered stable. Not any better, but not any worse. This is a good thing. A great thing would be that it would go away, but for now we are thankful that it isn't getting worse. So, we wait another 3 months and then check it again. The urologist said today that we may just be doing this dance until he is 5 years or so and then they just determine that this is how he was made and nothing will ever come of it. For now, we have to monitor it so that we prevent any damage being done if it were to ever get worse again. Thank you for your prayers. Let's spend the next 3 months praying that we see improvement come May.
So, I am off track. I know it's only been a month, but the last two weeks have not been great. Last week I wasn't on top of things and this week I came down with a big cold. I am realizing how much I am controlled by how I feel and it effects my eating habits and ability to want to workout. I am hoping that by the weekend I will be over this cold and back on the plan.
Bob and I booked our flights to go to Spain in April, so I REALLY want to look my best for this trip.
Hope all is well. Charlie and I head to Atlanta next weekend. We are getting away for a few days and spending time with my family. I am getting to spend the day with 3 of my favorite people to celebrate Kim's recent engagement. I am excited about a day with girlfriends while my parents keep Charlie.
Good night!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about being off track with a cold. I hate working out with a cold, too. We've all had the junk this week.
Feel better soon!