Monday, February 8, 2010

Charlie Walker

I have mentioned many times that Charlie is on his own schedule when it comes to being mobile. My mom gave us a walker at Christmas time and we have been letting him play in it since he is now too tall for his jumper. He loves being upright and independent, so this is the next best thing to the jumper. I know these walkers get a lot of criticism, but don't worry, we don't have stairs and he doesn't stay in it for long periods of time. It is really neat to see him move around and go where he chooses to go. It is definitely a preview of what's to come and how much harder it will be when he is moving around on his own. For now, it's great exercise.
This video is Charlie coming down our hallway and then clapping when I get excited for him. He has learned to clap at the word, "yay."

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Traci said...

The girl cousins love the video and can't wait to see you and BC this weekend!

Nicole said...

He is SO cute, Aimee!!! Catie loved her walker and used hers all of the time. It's nice that they can go whereever they want. Glad to see Charlie is doing so well. Hope to see you guys sometime this year! Take care!