Monday, February 22, 2010

Catching Up: Atlanta, First Tooth and Lent

My snow buddy!

My parent's backyard


Playing with Gigi!

The Lake

I'm so hot mom! The circus is exhuasting!

Charlie loved his glow sticks!

Madi and Mac watching the elephants

Eli loved the circus too!

Playing with Cooper and Brady

Mac and Madi. Love Charlie's face in this pic! He's so cool.

Just hanging on the plane!

Danny learning to ice skate

Hello all! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! Seems like we were all frozen during the month of February, but hopefully March will start the thaw!
I know I have fallen off the blogging wagon and haven't been doing what I said I would do. See, it's my fatal flaw! I start off great but get distracted and then it takes awhile to get back on track. Maybe I should make more realistic expectations to update you weekly or bi-weekly instead of every few days. I think we can all agree I am not interesting enough for numerous postings.
So, Charlie and I spent Valentine's weekend in Atlanta. I was meeting a few friends in Atlanta to celebrate Kim's engagement so Bob and I postponed our Valentine's date so I could be there. Unfortunately, the South was hit with snow the day we arrived and 2 of the 4 of us couldn't get to Atlanta. Kim and I spent a great day, just the two of us. We decided on her wedding dress, ate great Mexican and rented a movie. It was a lovely day! Charlie spent the day being spoiled at my parent's, so everyone was happy. The snow, although it threw a kink in my social plans, was beautiful and my parents and I had a great time playing in it with Charlie. This was the prettiest snow I have seen in Atlanta since I was a kid. My parent's backyard is absolutely gorgeous when snow covered!
Valentine's day my family went to see the circus. I wasn't sure how this would go since it started at Charlie's bedtime. He was awesome! I think he had more fun than anyone. He bounced and laughed and waved his arms throughout the entire show. I have no idea what happened in the rings, I watched him the whole time.
While we were in Atlanta, Charlie's first tooth broke through. He was such a tough guy! I didn't realize it was happening until it was visible. So many times before I thought he was teething and he wasn't, so I've stopped worrying about it. It took 10 months to get it, so I am sure the next tooth to break is coming soon.
I returned to Chicago just in time for Ash Wednesday. Prior to Atlanta and definitely while I was there my eating and workouts were not where they were supposed to be. So, I am using the added motivation of giving up sugar for Lent to help me make these changes. I have cut out white bread, white rice, potatoes, sweets, pizza and other take out, processed foods, and alcohol (except occasional red wine). I am on day 6 and I feel great! It really hasn't been hard. For whatever reason, I am not having cravings like I did in January. It helps that I put more options in the house for getting through the day.
I am back working out, which feels great. My weight is back up a few pounds, but I am not worried. This time, I will achieve my goal!
The pics above are from Atlanta and Bob helping our friend Sergio teach his son to ice skate. Below is a video of Charlie laughing at his new puppy that my mom gave him. He LOVES this dog. Thanks Gigi!

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