Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Weekend

This weekend was a busy one! Good news is that I got all the workouts in that I was supposed to. My meals could have been better, but oh well, it's the weekend. We didn't make it to a movie, maybe next weekend...but our goals talk was productive and still on going.
The church we visited today was great. We both have a few questions, but would definitely go back to find out more about it. I would really like to see how connected the families are. In the service there didn't seem to be a lot of children, but my guess is that they were either in the nursery or in a class. It's not completely convenient as far as location, but if we do further research and feel it's the right place, it might be fun to have a reason to be downtown every Sunday. Especially since it's located next to Bloomingdales, the Water Tower and lots of other fun shops. The choir was great. Their anthem was an African American Spiritual and they did a nice job. Sopranos could back off a little, but I always feel that way. I realized it's an auditioned group. I am a little scared if I have to sight-read. I am RUSTY!!!!! The search continues, but this might be an option.
Charlie has been a lot of fun this weekend. He is trying to scoot. He gets his butt up but doesn't seem to go anywhere but sideways. He is talking up a storm! I think I have a crazy man on my hands.
Hope all is well. On to week 2 of my goals. 5 workouts, no sweets...among many other things on my to-do list.

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