Thursday, January 14, 2010

Plan of Action - Week 1

Alright people, here we go....I have one friend on board the accountability train (thank you Rhondi!) BTW, Rhondi has a great blog that is a must read during American Idol. The link is on this page, if you are interested. Reading her comments is as fun, if not more, than watching the show. I haven't watched this week's episodes yet. I am anxious to see what the "pants on the ground" song is all about.

I am on day 3 of my new "gig" and it is going well. Incorporating Amelia into our day is going great. So, this falls under my financial goal (check it off!). Actually, it also fits under making friends. I love her parents and I have a lot in common with Andrea (Amelia's mom). I love talking with her and already know that we will be a big part of each other's lives here in Chicago.

Saturday, Bob and I are going on an afternoon date. Lunch and a movie. Check it, that's 3 things I am working on! Thanks to my friend Jill's suggestion, we are spending lunch going over all of our goals for the year and what our plan of action as a couple will be to accomplish them. I am very excited to hear what Bob wants to work on and what we are going to do as a couple to make our family better. As far as the movie, I am debating between It's Complicated, Nine, or Avatar. Any suggestions?

Sunday we are visiting Fourth Presbyterian Church. It seems to have a lot of things that we are both looking for.

Now, on to the "bigger" goal. As embarrassing as this is, I am going to share a weekly scale reading with you. This morning, 147lbs. Not terrible, but it's a flabby 147lbs. Goal by April 1st is 140 and tone. I have cut down this week on my sugar intake. It's not perfect, but I am training myself not to need sweet snacks in the afternoon or after dinner. Grabbing fruit instead or downing some water to fill the void. I am allowing myself to "cheat" on my date Saturday. I am hoping we find a fun lunch spot that I can have a margarita! I know if I tell myself that I can't ever have goodies, then I will fail miserably! I haven't worked out since Tuesday. I plan on doing some cardio tomorrow and Yogalosophy (great DVD I ordered that incorporates toning exercises with Yoga poses) on Saturday. Sunday is very busy, so I don't expect to have time to do anything. This gives me 3 workouts this week. Goal for next week is 5!

Last thing, here is my to-do list for tomorrow:
Clean bathrooms
Buy ink for printer
Print out passport applications
Vacuum and dust
Wash linens from our bed

Let's see what I actually get done. To-do list for tonight is to upload Christmas pictures. Until, tomorrow. Have a great day!

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