Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have decided I am taking a new approach to Milhizer Mania. Yes, some of you may be thinking that if I actually post, then this will be new. I haven't been great about it and I hope to be better. Although, I really am not sure how many people actually look at this on a regular basis and I am sure my emails to tell everyone it has been updated are getting annoying. So, I am going to keep my postings going and trust that those that are interested are taking a peek when they can.
This new year is a very different one for me. I know most people are very reflective as January approaches, but I have been not only reflective, but much more productive with these thoughts. A lot of this has to do with the fact that in 2009 the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, happened and I want to make sure I am living the best life so that I can be the best mom and example to my family. I am also tired of wishing I was smaller, toner, stronger, not addicted to certain foods and just overall happier. I also found out over the holidays that some people that I love TREMENDOUSLY have some health issues that need to be taken care of. I could inherit these issues, so my main goal is health! Bob has always been committed to his health and is very consistent about his eating habits and workout schedule. I wish I was as diligent and this is something I am working on.
Why am I being so honest? Why am I sharing so much more than just pictures and tidbits on Charlie? I am doing this so that I have a virtual accountability. If I put all of this out in cyberspace, someone will read it and then I know that someone will be wondering how this journey is going for me. Plus, I just watched Julie and Julia and I related to Amy Adam's character in her realization that she always started something and rarely finished it. It was her blog that created her accountability and she actually finished something she started. So, whether anyone reads this or not, I have put it out there and therefore, I will be successful.
Here are my goals:
1. Find a church for our family - Bob and I are looking for a church that highlights both of our backgrounds. We want our kids to know how we both were raised but understand that our core values and beliefs are unified.
2. Be healthy - eating healthy and living healthy. Working out 3-5 times a week (preferably 5). Cutting down on fatty foods and kicking my sugar addiction. 10lbs to lose and LOTS of toning!!!!
3. Be positive - I am finding myself falling into negative traps and concentrating on the wrong side of the picture. Many times I remember what I have given up through the 2 big moves Bob and I have made instead of realizing all that I have gained. A new perspective is key!
4. Find a way to sing. Whether this is at the church we find or somewhere in the community, I need to use this part of myself again.
5. Date my husband - Bob and I always make sure to get out and celebrate any holiday, birthday or anniversary. We need to make sure we also get out a couple times a month, just the two of us, to enjoy each other and catch up on our goals or just have fun. We also need to get out with friends more.
6. Meet people. Make friends. I am so fortunate to have the girlfriends that I do, but unfortunately they are far away. I am also fortunate that Bob comes with a great core group here in Chicago, but I am hoping to get involved with more moms and people that I meet on my own.
7. Reach some financial goals. This is something Bob and I discuss often and is not for the blog. Just know we have a lot we are working toward.
8. Be more productive! I have always been the most productive the busier I am. The more time I have to complete a task, the more likely I am to wait until the last minute. I would like to work on being proactive and just get things done.
9. Get out of the house more. Charlie and I have such a great schedule and such a great time playing at home. It's hard to get out of the house. Once this bitter cold is over, I am going to work in more outings to our days.
10. Reach out and connect with friends more often. I need to keep in touch with my far away friends on a more consistent basis.

So, what's the plan of action? Good question. I am going to take this one step at a time.

On a lighter note, we have such a fun year ahead. Charlie continues to amaze us. He still has no desire to go anywhere on his own. He loves to clap and we are working on high fives. He loves drinking water out of his sippy cup. He still is toothless, but it's cute! He is definitely on his own schedule. I am learning to just relax and let things happen and not compare to other babies. I have met a wonderful couple, Andrea and Jack, who have a 3 month old little girl. Andrea just returned to work and I am keeping their daughter, Amelia, a few days a week. Charlie seems to like the company and she is a very sweet baby. My best friend from high school just got engaged! Kim and Charlie will be married in Atlanta on July 10th. We have two weddings in Boston this year, our friends Mark and Sarah (6/5) and Matt and Megan (9/11). We are also debating on attending Nicole and Paul's wedding in April, which will be in Barcelona, Spain. We want to go more than anything, but are still working out whether or not we can make it all work. Nicole went to BC with Bob and moved to New York right after we did. She became a dear friend to both of us and we would love to see her get married and experience an amazing city. Nicole grew up in Spain and her father still lives there.
Before we know it, Charlie will be 1 year old! Time is flying by.
So, to anyone reading all of my thoughts, let's get this started and I thank you for the accountability you are giving me. The overall goal is to be better. A better person, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. I hope we can strive to be better together.
Happy New Year! I will be posting Christmas pictures soon, so stay tuned....

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I'll keep you accountable over cyberspace, dear friend. You can do it! All those goals are attainable. Yesss!