Saturday, November 21, 2009

We're back!

I am not using an overused joke when I say it's Kanye's fault that I haven't posted in awhile. It really is Kanye's fault. The night of the VMA's, Bob was watching some sort of sporting event (I know that's weird) and I kept seeing on facebook people posting about some Kanye incident. I wanted to see what happened, so I googled the incident and when I clicked on the first website that popped up that said I could watch the VMAs my computer freaked out because I had just downloaded lots of viruses. So, after a few weeks of giving our computer to a family friend, it is fixed and I am able to catch everyone up on the past few months.

September was busy! We spent a weekend in upstate NY attending Bob's cousin's wedding and visiting with his family. It was such a beautiful wedding. We had a lot of fun with the in-laws and their friends and it was great getting to show Charlie off for at least the cocktail hour. THANK YOU to Gerald and Nancy (Bob's aunt and uncle) for babysitting and being willing to bring Charlie to make his appearance.

The following weekend we headed to Boston. What an awesome city! I love going back there and seeing Bob's college friends. The purpose of our visit centered around a fundraiser for the BC Crew team, but we also spent a day shopping and, of course, hit the BC football game.

October was all about Halloween. I had a great time seeing what Halloween is like in our neighborhood. By neighborhood, I am not talking subdivisions. I mean blocks of houses, apartments, pubs, restaurants and shops. We live in between 2 neighborhoods, Roscoe Village (my favorite) and Northcenter/Lincoln Square. Roscoe Village has a lot of family oriented activities and many wonderful boutiques and shops that are fun to walk around. They have a Halloween parade each year and all the families come out with the kids dressed in costume and we march up Roscoe. The stores host trick-or-treaters and the parents socialize. On the actual day of Halloween, we went trick-or-treating with our friend Erin and her daughter Emma and her nephew. City trick-or-treating is endless! Within a few blocks the kids have HUNDREDS of houses and apartments that they can hit for candy. It was funny to hear about how short blocks aren't as popular as long blocks because of the smaller number of houses. I can only imagine the amount of candy some kids come home with if they spend hours going from door to door. Charlie was the cutest monkey around.

So far, November has been beautiful and quiet. Uncle Pat turned 30! We had a great party for him last weekend. My brother and sister-in law just found out they are having another BOY! This will be the 7th grandkid for my family! We are all very excited to meet this little person in late April/early May.

Now we are gearing up for Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS! I am so excited for Christmas this year. I can't imagine how crazy I will be when Charlie is aware of what is happening. My mom is coming in 2 weeks!!!! Bob and I are headed to Key West for a wedding and she is going to babysit and then spend a few days. I am hoping my dad comes as well (hint hint).

I will leave you with the most AMAZING part of our fall. This past week we had another ultrasound done on Charlie's kidney to check and see if we are still in need of surgery in December. The urologist told us this was just a formality and that it was very unlikely that we would cancel the surgery. BUT, we are!!!! The ultrasound showed that things are starting to get better so we are giving it another 3 months and then we will check it again. God is good!!! The power of prayer is an amazing thing and I am so thankful to everyone that said a prayer on Charlie's behalf - it worked!!!! We will keep praying for continued improvement so that in February they tell us we can continue to avoid surgery.
Hope you enjoy the slideshow below of our last 3 months. Happy Thanksgiving! What a year of blessings!

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