Thursday, July 9, 2009

Father's Day, Pool Days and 3 Month Pictures

June and July have been a lot of fun so far. We are still adjusting to Charlie's ever changing days. He has started on an earlier bedtime, but this means I am getting up in the middle of the night again. Hopefully, this will go away soon!
My parents visited for Father's Day and we had a nice brunch with Bob's family, followed by a walk down by the Museum's and the lake. It was nice to spend a father's day with my Dad. It has been at least 4 years since I have spent a Father's Day with him. Plus, he was pretty excited to spend it with his new grandson.
I loved celebrating Bob's first Father's Day. We got him a new phone, "Dad" clothes, as well as some new duds for work. I am very lucky to have Bob and it is such a thrill watching him as a Dad.
I know I always talk about the weather, but it's a big deal for me. The winter we experienced was the worst winter I have ever experienced. I didn't know I could get the winter blues until we moved here. The spring was chilly. Now, Bob will tell me that this is how spring is supposed to be. He thinks the southeast skips over spring and goes straight to summer, but come on! I need at least 70s and 60s not 60s and 50s. Now we are in the midst of July and yesterday it was 60 degrees. We have had some nice days, but I am ready for a stretch of nice days that last until October.
When it's nice, we like to head over to Bob's parents and hang out at their building's pool. It's a great set up with gazebos that allow Charlie to stay in the shade and plenty of sun so I can try and look human and not like a character in Twilight. We have put Charlie in the pool just to get his legs in the water. He loves to watch the water move around and Bob loves getting him in with him. I am sure my son will learn to swim before I do.
All in all, the past 3 months have been great. Charlie is starting to show more emotions - especially his temper. My sweet, "he never cries" baby is learning how to scream to let his voice be heard. He has even mastered his pouty face. His lower lip rolls out and he tilts his head at you. It's amazing seeing him learn these reactions and the reactions he gets from them. He is reaching for things and grabbing hold of what he can. He hates being on his tummy, so we have to take tummy time in small doses. His laugh is becoming more and more a belly laugh. Although, this inevitably turns into hiccups. It's terrible (but so cute) to watch him try and laugh through the hiccups.
Next week we head to Atlanta. I am so excited to see my nieces and nephews!!!! I can't wait to see them with Charlie and add him to the amazing Chaffin grandkid mix. We will also get to see some friends, my grandmother and hopefully as much of my extended family as possible. Charlie has a second cousin to meet that is 2 weeks older, Elizabeth Grace, and his buddy Sam, who is 2 months older. I am looking forward to seeing him with other babies.
Hope you enjoy our latest pics!

The biggest deal!
Go Cubs Go!

4th of July Outfit! Aren't overalls cute!

Just chillin at the pool...

Who's got the better tan? Bob or Charlie?

"First you have to blow bubbles."

Gigi on the way to the airport. We will miss you!

Bob, Pop Pop and Charlie on Father's Day

The happy couple...

The other happy couple...Happy First Father's Day Bob!!!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Bob and Charlie at brunch. Yes, we even brunch at sports bars...

The Grandpas at brunch

"Pop Pop, why is your hair so messy?"

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Rhondi said...

Charlie is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. He has the most precious face, Aimee! What a blessing he is. I miss you & I hope you guys are well. It sounds like you are, other than the weather being unruly chilly for this kind of year! Wowsa. I can't imagine that.
Those pictures are wonderful. Keep 'em coming!