Monday, April 6, 2009

King Charles Has Arrived!

We are very pleased and excited to announce that Charlie had made his grand appearance. I have felt all along that we would go a little early, but Bob and I were very surprised this past Tuesday night when we were on our way to the hospital.

So here's how it happened...

Tuesday, March 31st
I woke up Tuesday feeling exhausted. I decided to lay down and Bob's parents called asking if I wanted to go to the movies with them. I went, figuring my being able to just go to a movie on a whim was soon to be a luxury. During the movie, I noticed I was feeling some strange things, but chalked it up to Braxton Hicks. I got home from the movie and was very uncomfortable. I decided to walk for awhile and see if I felt better. It soon went away and again I figured it was Braxton Hicks. I was still pretty tired so I laid down. Bob's brother Pat came over and the 3 of us had dinner. By 9pm, when Pat was headed home, I was VERY uncomfortable. Not contractions, just strange burning feelings. I will leave out the next few unpleasant details, but it ends with my water breaking and us heading to the hospital at 11:30pm.

Bob's favorite part of this story is that he made sure that I grabbed a towel for the car. I had the towel, I just put it in the floorboard, rather than the seat. We were driving down Addison and hit a huge pothole (0ne of thousands here in Chicago) and let's just say I REALLY needed that towel but couldn't reach it. Bob thinks it's hilarious that I didn't think to cover the seat. Oh well...

We arrived at the hospital to find out that I was not dilated and was just starting to have contractions. About 2am we headed to our labor room. At 3:3oam I was 3cms dilated and in need of some pain meds, so we started the epidural. By 9:00am I was 6cms and by 11am I was 10. Which meant we could start pushing. So from, 11:20am until 3:00pm I pushed with every contraction and was EXHAUSTED. I spiked a fever during this process, which meant once he was out he would have to be closely monitored to make sure he did not develop an infection. Then, the doctors started whispering a little and finally told me that they suspected that he was "sunny side up." I had 2 choices, forceps or C-section. Charlie had made it all the way to my pelvic bone, but couldn't get any further. I felt that he was pretty low and I liked the idea of being able to finish what I had started, so we opted to have faith that the forceps would work.

Once I made my decision, the room filled with numerous nurses and doctors. My pain meds were upped and the process began. 3 sets of pushes later, our little boy was out and screaming! I have to give praise to my team of doctors and nurses. Dr. Garb, was amazing and was the perfect person to be on call that day. He kept me laughing and optimistic that I was going to be able to get through this. We were so lucky to give birth at Prentice Women's Hospital. It really is an amazing place. So, Charlie was taken immediately to start being monitored. His poor little head took quite a beating between hitting the pelvic bone over and over facing the wrong direction and then from being yanked out by forceps. Luckily, this is healing fast and very well.
I also went through some trauma and it took about a half hour to be stitched up before I could hold my baby.

From here, Bob and I headed to the NICU to try and feed Charlie and get to know our little man. We spent the next 2 days there with him and trying to get as much rest as possible while we were surrounded with nurses and people to take care of everyone. Charlie had some difficulty maintaining his glucose levels, so we had to be on an aggressive feeding schedule. I pumped and gave him what I could, but he had to be supplemented heavily with bottles of formula.

As of now, the kidney issue is stable and looking to be moderate. The left kidney is large, but not causing any trouble for him. We will undergo a test next week to be sure that there is no sign of reflux and then go from there. In the meantime all we have to do is give him an antibiotic every morning.

So, Friday evening the 3 of us plus my mom headed home. My mom was called at 11:30pm on Tuesday to alert her that my water broke and was in Chicago by 9am the next morning - AMAZING. We had a ROUGH first night but the last two have been great. He is going 3-4 hour stretches, which is not bad for 5 days old. We went to the pediatrician today and he is 1lb over his birth weight so the doc said we did not have to wake him during the night.

Becoming a mother is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Delivery was the hardest thing I have ever been through, but I would do it everyday if it meant I got to have this little one. Bob and I are learning so much and it's amazing watching him become a father. He wants to be the best dad he can be and I know that he already is. What a wonderful journey that has started for us.

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