Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is just a post to let everyone know that we are very grateful for all of the celebrations we have been given on behalf of our baby.
Our friends in NY had a nice farewell for us. My book club had a special night for me where they each gave Charlie their favorite childhood book. I thought this was such a great idea! Thank you ladies!!!!
My girlfriends in Nashville, led by Amanda, Jill and Laura, gave me a wonderful day of getting to see friends and being showered with wonderful gifts for the baby. Thank you everyone!!!!!
Here in Chicago, Bob's Mom, Donna and her daughter Carol, threw us a wonderful afternoon with Bob's high school friends and many of the Milhizer's family friends. We were so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. Thank you!
I also want to thank my parents for traveling to Nashville and Chicago to attend these events. It is very nice to have you be part of these celebrations. Thank you to my sister Caren for making it to the Nashville shower.

Yesterday, Bob's co-workers treated us to lunch and gave us a TON of clothes and diapers for Charlie. Thank you ladies!!!!!!!

I promise I will be getting thank yous out soon....

We did a horrible job getting group shots in Nashville and Chicago. Very sorry that these pictures don't represent the groups very well.

The book club girls enjoying Sarah's wonderful cooking.

Sarah, Dana and Liz

After dinner we met up with Bob and his friends. We were sad to say goodbye to Geoff and Mandy (again). We hope you follow us to the mid-west soon!

Erin and Van

Stew, Danielle, Karen and Pat

Nicole and Marcus

The creative work in Nashville.

My sister Caren, Amanda, Laura and Baby Saylor! Thank you to Amanda and Laura for hosting.

Jill, hard at work. Jill was also a host! Thank you.

Bob's mom looking on at the gifts we were given.

Me, Bob and Charlie

It can't be a Chicago shower without a Cubs outfit. Thank you to Karen Colleran!

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Rhondi said...

Such cute pictures! I loved coming to your shower; it was so much fun seeing you.