Monday, March 30, 2009

Days to go...

I can't believe we have just days to go before our little one arrives. It feels like yesterday that I was planning on running a 10K and telling Bob that I didn't want to get pregnant until September. Little did we know that I already was and we headed to Nashville for Greg and Annie's wedding. Then we got the news and we were headed to California for Spencer's wedding and what I was hoping to be a relaxing week in Malibu, Carmel, and San Francisco tasting wine and eating lots of great seafood. Needless to say, no wine was consumed and I limited the seafood!
Then, right before Christmas, came the news that we were moving to Chicago. I definitely have been through a whirlwind during this pregnancy and I should be grateful that things have settled down, but I am downright BORED! I know I will regret saying this in a few weeks, but I have never not been busy and I am not good at waiting.
I feel I am ready for Charlie to arrive so part of me just wants it to happen. So, my plan for the next how ever many days is to read, keep things clean and clothes washed, try to figure out a way to make our very dark hardwood floors not show dust and just relax. Bob and I are headed to the Blackhawks/Predators game on Friday, which I guess will be our last big night out before becoming parents. Keep us in your prayers!

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Erin said...

Looks like you didn't have to wait THAT long! Thinking of you guys! XO