Monday, March 30, 2009

Days to go...

I can't believe we have just days to go before our little one arrives. It feels like yesterday that I was planning on running a 10K and telling Bob that I didn't want to get pregnant until September. Little did we know that I already was and we headed to Nashville for Greg and Annie's wedding. Then we got the news and we were headed to California for Spencer's wedding and what I was hoping to be a relaxing week in Malibu, Carmel, and San Francisco tasting wine and eating lots of great seafood. Needless to say, no wine was consumed and I limited the seafood!
Then, right before Christmas, came the news that we were moving to Chicago. I definitely have been through a whirlwind during this pregnancy and I should be grateful that things have settled down, but I am downright BORED! I know I will regret saying this in a few weeks, but I have never not been busy and I am not good at waiting.
I feel I am ready for Charlie to arrive so part of me just wants it to happen. So, my plan for the next how ever many days is to read, keep things clean and clothes washed, try to figure out a way to make our very dark hardwood floors not show dust and just relax. Bob and I are headed to the Blackhawks/Predators game on Friday, which I guess will be our last big night out before becoming parents. Keep us in your prayers!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is just a post to let everyone know that we are very grateful for all of the celebrations we have been given on behalf of our baby.
Our friends in NY had a nice farewell for us. My book club had a special night for me where they each gave Charlie their favorite childhood book. I thought this was such a great idea! Thank you ladies!!!!
My girlfriends in Nashville, led by Amanda, Jill and Laura, gave me a wonderful day of getting to see friends and being showered with wonderful gifts for the baby. Thank you everyone!!!!!
Here in Chicago, Bob's Mom, Donna and her daughter Carol, threw us a wonderful afternoon with Bob's high school friends and many of the Milhizer's family friends. We were so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. Thank you!
I also want to thank my parents for traveling to Nashville and Chicago to attend these events. It is very nice to have you be part of these celebrations. Thank you to my sister Caren for making it to the Nashville shower.

Yesterday, Bob's co-workers treated us to lunch and gave us a TON of clothes and diapers for Charlie. Thank you ladies!!!!!!!

I promise I will be getting thank yous out soon....

We did a horrible job getting group shots in Nashville and Chicago. Very sorry that these pictures don't represent the groups very well.

The book club girls enjoying Sarah's wonderful cooking.

Sarah, Dana and Liz

After dinner we met up with Bob and his friends. We were sad to say goodbye to Geoff and Mandy (again). We hope you follow us to the mid-west soon!

Erin and Van

Stew, Danielle, Karen and Pat

Nicole and Marcus

The creative work in Nashville.

My sister Caren, Amanda, Laura and Baby Saylor! Thank you to Amanda and Laura for hosting.

Jill, hard at work. Jill was also a host! Thank you.

Bob's mom looking on at the gifts we were given.

Me, Bob and Charlie

It can't be a Chicago shower without a Cubs outfit. Thank you to Karen Colleran!

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Nieces and Nephews....

I posted some pictures recently of my nephew Eli and promised to post some updated pictures of the older kids as well. I know I am biased, but my siblings make some beautiful babies!!! Cooper is 7
Brady is 6
Madison will be 6 on Saturday - Happy Birthday!!!!
Mackenzie is 2

Madi and Mac at the beach last fall.

Brady and Cooper - best of friends (most of the time).

Don't know why I can't make this bigger....Madi has a superhero party.

Tough guy! Cooper in his football gear

Brady at Circus Day at his school...sad little tiger!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charlie's Room...

And the winner is.....Charles Hudson Milhizer

Yes, it's official, we have decided on his name. We are very excited and both feel confident that we have picked a winner. For those that don't know, Charlie was the name of my mom's father. Charles is also the river that Bob rowed in Boston for BC crew. He spent every morning for 4 years on the Charles river so it has a lot of meaning for him personally. Hudson is the river in New York that we lived on while we lived there. We spent many days at Riverside park and we felt this represented the time in our life that we moved to New York early in our marriage and then decided to start our family. Also, if you follow the Hudson river north you will end up in Troy, New York which is where Bob's parents grew up.

Charlie's room is a fun, colorful Dr. Seuss room. I have a few things left to do, but it is pretty much done. My mom was in town over the last few days and we went through everything to make sure I have enough clothes, pajamas, and necessities for the the baby. She was a big help and I feel so much better about bringing baby home. Here is what it looks like so far...

This wall was beautifully painted by Joey Lala (if anyone in Chicago needs a great painter). I told him my idea for the stripes and he made it better than I could have imagined.

We love the Cat in the Hat!

This was a floor puzzle that I found at Borders Books. I put it together and had it framed. Yertle the Turtle is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss stories, so this was an exciting find and it worked out great!

The sheet is fun and colorful! Full of lots of Dr. Seuss characters.

Changing table

Book shelve with many of the gifts we were given - Thank you!!!!

Closer shot of the wall decal...

I wanted to purchase the 4 prints Pottery Barn Kids is selling of Dr. Seuss characters. Unfortunately, they were out of my budget. So, I took the matching pillow case and cut out some of the characters. I then doctored them up and created a very similar look for next to nothing! I love it...

I can't get a picture of the room all together, so I hope this gives everyone an idea of what it looks like. 4 and a half weeks to go!!!!!