Monday, November 3, 2008

BC vs Clemson

This weekend Kim came into town and we headed up to Boston to see some BC friends and catch the BC/Clemson game. It was great to be in Boston again. I forget how much I love it until we go back and I am reminded of the architecture, history and Bob's connection to the city. It was fun to hear the "Bob Milhizer Tour of Boston" again. Since it's been 10 years since Kim had been in Boston, he felt the need to make sure she was given every bit of information he had and his connection to it. His time at Boston College was very important to him and it's always nice to get to see him back in that element. Now, if the team could have only won.

The game was a bit of a roller coaster. BC was down 17-7 at halftime and then came back and was leading in the 4th quarter 21 t0 17. Unfortunately, there was too much time left and Clemson came back and won.

These pictures are horrible of us, but it was fun!

Bob was seriously watching the game. He gets into the zone and you better watch out!

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